You've seen these iconic images before. Marilyn Monroe's famous pose. Now,
for the first time ever, the famous images taken by Tom Kelley in 1949 are beautifully reproduced as high quality collectible calendars.

We're offering 3 calendars, The "Original" calendar - a 12" x 24" calendar just as Tom Kelley had originally photographed it. The "Modesty" calendar - a 12" x 24" calendar with a slightly less revealing image, and the "Classic" calendar reproduced using the original 1953 print dimensions of 16" x 33".

How it began

In 1953, when the movie studio first learned that the nude pinup hanging in gas stations from coast to coast was none other than its rising star – it was something of a scandal. The press assailed the blonde bombshell with questions. Was it true she had posed with “nothing on”? “Nothin’ on but the radio,” she replied with a guileless giggle.

It was taken in a cramped Los Angeles studio on May 27, 1949. Neither professional photographer Tom Kelley nor the nude 22-year-old blonde posing sensuously before his lens could have realized what was about to happen.

That next click of Kelley’s camera shutter began a love affair, one the world still perpetuates and eagerly embraces. Marilyn Monroe, the sex symbol of the modern age, was born. The two-hour session produced the immortal photos “A New Wrinkle” and “Golden Dreams,” photos that sold millions of calendars worldwide and launched Marilyn into the hearts of countless fans. “Marilyn lives again in this brilliantly reproduced calendar,” said Greg Schreiner, President of the Marilyn Remembered Fan Club.

“Every shade and nuance is there and her magic leaps off the image. Certainly something to be treasured by every Marilyn fan. Thanks to Tom Kelley for the privilege of owning this masterpiece again.” Order now!

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